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6000 Watt Small Diesel Generator Set Sound Attenuated Quiet

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Diesel Generator Soundproof Quiet Generators Home Standby Emergency Backup Power Generators Diesel Generator Soundproof Quiet Generators Home Standby Emergency Backup Power Generators Backup Generators by Generac Guardian       Commercial Generators    Home Standby Generators by Briggs & StrattonTrailerized Generators
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Sound Attenuated - 70 db at 7 meters

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Parts, Service and Warranty available in U.S.A.
6000 Watt Quiet Diesel Generator


DG6LN-R Diesel Generator Soundproof Quiet Generators Home Standby Emergency Backup Power Generators

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Also available in:
6500 watt ETQ Diesel Standby Generators
buy now diesel generator 6000 watt
6  kW Open Frame

4000 watt ETQ Diesel Standby Generator
buy now diesel generator 6000 watt
4 kW Open Frame

buy now diesel generator 6000 watt
4 kW Sound Attenuated remote start


Generator Control Panel
Control Panel (may vary from model to model)


Electric start
Large Fuel Tank With 12 hours Continuous
Operating Capability
Soundproofing - 70db at 7meters
Front and Side Lockable Door
Design For Easy Maintenance
Automatic Voltage Regulator
Automatic Shutdown For Low Oil Pressure
Vibration Isolation Mounting Between
Engine/Alternator Feet & Base Frame
Reduce Vibration and Improving Durability
Non-Fused Breaker Protects For AC
Overload Protection and Convenience
AC Voltmeter, 110V/220V Switch
DC 12V Charging System(car/boat batteries)
Low Fuel Indicator, Oil alert
Ground Fault Interrupter
Dependable, Maintenance Free Alternator
Advanced Direct Fuel Injection System
Provide Low Fuel Consumption
All American Standard Receptacles

Remote Start





Single Cylinder, 4 Cycle


24.78 Cubic Inches


Air Cooled

Fuel Tank:

3.3 Gal


Electric Brushless




120/240 AC


50 @ 120V, 25 @ 240V



Max Output:

6.0 KW

Cont. Output:

5.5 KW


352 lbs

(L x W X H)

36.2" x 20.9" x 27.8"

Download PDF Specification Sheet
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Download Product Manual
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

One year warranty on parts and labor.    Battery not included.

Warranty repairs do not require shipping to China.  Warranty centers available in U.S.A.  Warranty repairs are free and manufacturer pays for one way return shipment to customer.


Q: How come my engine keeps shutting off even though there is sufficient fuel and engine oil in the unit?
A: The speed governor might be too sensitive. To fix this problem, there is an 8mm bolt on the speed governor. Loosen this bolt and move it up or down until the sensitivity decreases. After the bolt has been set, tighten the bolt.
Q: How come my generator is not producing enough voltage?
A: Sometimes the tension of the spring on the speed governor is too low. To fix this issue, use a pair of needle nose pliers and bend the hook of the spring up a little to increase the tension of the spring. Another way of solving this problem is to loosen the two bolts on the speed governor and turn the speed governor either clockwise or counterclockwise until the desired voltage has been met. Also, the spring should have good tension with the governor. A loose spring will not yield good results.
Q: How come my generator will not start?
A: There may be air packets in the fuel line. The fuel pump on the engine is a gravity pump, not a sucking pump. To remedy this issue, the fuel line needs to be bled of the air packets. Remove the rubber fuel line from the gravity pump and let fuel drain into a small container. Then place the fuel line back in place. To minimize wasting battery power, push the decompression lever down and crank the engine. Once the lever pops back up, push the lever down again and crank again. Repeat this procedure until you feel that fuel is reaching the engine. Finally, leave the decompression lever in the up position and crank the engine. The engine should start right up.
Q: I just bought a new generator and the engine does not crank and will not start. What is the problem?
A: Make sure the battery is filled with electrolytic solution and fully charged before using the generator. Due to shipping policies and safety issues, all ETQ generators come with dry battery cells. Wet cells may spill during shipping causing damage to the generator and harming people who will be handling the unit. It is up to the consumer to fill the battery with the correct acid and to fully charge it before using it.
Q: How come i am not getting a lot of fuel flow even though my fuel tank is full?
A: The fuel filter may be over tightened causing the fuel filter gasket shape to distort. The distorted shape of the rubber gasket may be blocking the hole of the fuel filter preventing fuel from traveling down the fuel line. When replacing the fuel filter, make sure the rubber gasket on the fuel filter is placed on correctly and that the fuel filter is not overtightened..
Q: How often should i change the engine oil?
A: For normal use, engine oil should be changed every 100 hours of operation. For heavy use (operating 15+ hours a day multiple days a week) we recommend the consumer to change the oil every 50 hours of operation. Engine oil changes depend on the frequency and duration an engine is subjected to.
Q: What is engine break-in and how often should i change the oil?
A: A break-in period is required when an engine is new or whenever the cylinder walls have been re-conditioned to accept new piston rings. An engine break-in "seats" the piston rings against the cylinder walls to minimize both oil consumption and blow-by of combustion gases. The engine oil should be changed every 20 hours of use. Also, do not overload the engine during the break-in period.

Q: What kind of engine oil should i use in my diesel generator?
A: For optimum performance always use 15W40 oil or Delo 400 oil. Conventional or synthetic oils are both fine to use. Note: Although some of the generators ask to use 10W30 on the stickers above the unit, ALWAYS USE 15W40 GRADE OIL FOR BEST RESULTS.
Q: How come my generator is not producing the wattage of the model number?
A: Our model numbers are not based on wattage ratings. Our products model numbers are independant from its specifications.
Q: Where is the fuel filter for my generator unit?
A: The fuel filter is under the fuel tank. It is located at the fuel outlet from the fuel tank. There a few bolts two remove in order to get the fuel filter out. The fuel filter should be changed periodically depending on the type of environment the generator is operated in. If the generator is used in a dusty and dirty environment, the fuel filter should be changed more frequently. If operated in a cleaner environment, the fuel filter should be changed based on the routine schedule stated in the owners manual. NOTE: DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE BOLTS OF TH FUEL FILTER AS THIS MAY CAUSE THE RUBBER FUEL FILTER GASKET TO DISTORT AND CLOG THE FUEL FLOW FROM THE FUEL FILTER.
Q: Where is the oil filter for the diesel engine?
A: The ETQ diesel engines use a oil strainer instead of an oil filter. The oil strainer is located on the far lower left of the speed governor on the engine. Its usually black and looks like another oil dipstick, but slightly different. Please refer to the owners manual for an illustration of where the fuel strainer is. The fuel strainer should be cleaned every time a oil change is performed.
Q: How come my generator is not producing any power at all?
A: Check the connections to the generators AVR to verify that they are secured to its terminals. Due to the vibrations of the engine, sometimes these connectors can come loose and get disconnected. To correct this problem, remove the black cover off the back of the generator. Usually there are two 8 or 10 mm bolts holding the black cover onto the generator. After removing the black cover, the AVR is exposed. There are two wires connected to the AVR, make sure the two wires are connected to the AVR and secured tight to the terminals. The order of these wires does not matter and the wires are not color coded. Just make sure they are connected to the AVR and secured tight. Finally, replace the black cover and start the unit. There should be power at the outlets now.




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