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DA011 7hp Diesel Powered 11 Gallon Twin Tank Air Compressors
Contractor Series
Portable Air Compressors Portable Diesel Air Compressor Twin Tank Portable Air Compressor
$1899.00 + $200 Shipping

(Shipping price for business delivery, continental U.S. only  -
lift gate and residential delivery will incur additional charge)

 Portable Air Compressors - Features Include:

Our portable air compressors are heavy-duty 7 HP air compressors with a diesel engine that provides proven reliability and durability with a quad cylinder, cast iron, oil lubricated pump for longer life and automatic idle control for reduced fuel consumption.  A ball valve drain allows for quick and thorough tank draining. An oversized flywheel for extra cooling and pneumatic tire improves worksite mobility. Low profile design for easy maneuverability and high-flow air-regulator for more work at higher pressure. 



Max. Pressure:

140 PSI


Belt Drive

Tank Size:

11 Gallon


16.1 CFM

Pump Speed

890 rpm

Tool Length


Tool Width


Tool Height





ETQ 178F


Vertical, 4-cycle, Air-Cooled Diesel Engine


16.66 cu. in

Max Output

7.0 hp/3600rpm

Cont Output

6.3 hp/3600rpm

Start System

Recoil Starter


Direct Injection


Diesel Fuel

Fuel Tank Cap.


Lube Oil Cap.


Operation Cap.

approx. 3-4 hours




260 Lbs

Heavy-Duty 7 HP Diesel Engine Provides Proven Reliablity and Durability Quad Cylinder, Cast Iron, Oil Lubricated Pump For Longer Life Automatic Idle Control for Reduced Fuel Consumption Ball Valve Drain Allows For Quick and Thorough Tank Draining Oversized Flywheel For Extra Cooling Pneumatic Tire Improves Worksite Mobility Low Profile Design For Easy Maneuverability High-Flow Air-Regulator For More Work at Higher Pressure

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1 year warranty on parts and labor!

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