What are the advantages of a UPS system vs. a power generator?  Firstly, the Gaia Power Tower System is noiseless.  
Even quiet generators are still noisy.  In a business situation when you need backup power, you want QUIET!

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The Power Tower UPS recharges itself without your intervention, so it's business as usual after a power outage.  Uninterruptible power source - UPS battery backup from Gaia PowerTower Systems can provide power to your home or business for up to 8 hours (It can be connected to a generator in situations where power is not available or is inconsistent from a typical power grid.)


What is a UPS? The Gaia Power Tower UPS

A UPS or an Uninterruptible Power System is a battery backup device for electronic equipment. A UPS provides protection to servers, workstations, network, banking and security systems and other electronic equipment from electrical disturbances.  Positioned between the incoming utility power and the electrical equipment connected to it, the UPS filters the power to eliminate any spikes or surges that may cause damage to the computer or the data it is processing.  A Unisys UPS is essential in preventing unnecessary downtime caused by momentary power outages or blackouts. Unisys UPS solutions are classified according to their power output capacity: Volt Amperes (VA). When specifying a server or other mission-critical equipment, add a Unisys UPS to the configuration.

Power Tower cleans up your power signal so that it provides a pure sine wave which is required for sensitive electrical equipment such as computers, home theater systems as well as data processing equipment.   
This uninterruptible power system lasts for 8 hours before needing to be recharged so that you can finish your day.

Power for Alternative Power Sources

As primary and supplementary power alternatives to the electric grid proliferate, Gaia's PowerTower for APS provides automatic backup power and power quality enhancement to any alternative power source, including solar cells, fuel cells,wind turbines, and generators.

The unit comes with all balance-of-system components and can be installed by any licensed electrician. Two DC and one AC power inputs are standard, and the control module automatically reconciles and synchronizes power to deliver it to the needed circuits.

The unit can be delivered partially or fully assembled and all components are fully tested in all configurations. `

Measurement and monitoring capability is also standard on all APS units, and the units can be monitored and controlled individually or in aggregate.


Gaia Power Technologies focuses on addressing deficiencies in the current power landscape by utilizing applications of energy storage. Based on a clear understanding of how to manage energy storage and the components that make it viable (such as inverters).

Gaia’s core technological platform supports products that address a range of inefficiently or insufficiently served power markets. Ranging from pure backup power to backup hybrid systems to demand reduction devices, these energy management systems are, in every sense, turn-key, modular, and scalable, and they incorporate the best-of-breed in existing technology.

The MSPS Approach

Gaia’s core, patent-pending technology establishes a Modular Stationary Power Supply (MSPS). The MSPS efficiently and pragmatically integrates all balance-of-system components on a single platform and in a single unit. The result is that energy storage, power electronics, communication and control are all seamlessly integrated into a single turn-key, pre-assembled, and fully tested unit. 

This approach results in a tremendously flexible unit that:

1) Requires no energy storage expertise by the end purchaser. 
2) Fits the exact scale both in continuous power and energy storage required by the customer. 
3) Installs easily
4) Enhances existing power sources
5) Integrates any future power sources
6) Enables truly distributed generation
7) Operates individually or in a network of multiple units, locally or remotely

In the end, MSPS allows for the benefits of energy storage to be directly applied to problems that can benefit from it. 

The MSPS Difference

For individual residences or businesses, Gaia’s products can provide backup power, lower electric bills, and enable the deployment of alternative power sources. There are also clear benefits to Gaia’s approach for the entire electrical system.

Gaia’s product line enables a distributed power network and addresses the needs of an entire segment of electrical consumers who to date have been overlooked: small to mid-sized businesses, and tenants within buildings.

Additionally, not only do the PowerTower units themselves provide stability and efficiency for the grid, they also enable the practical deployment of a wide variety of power source alternatives, from lightweight, inexpensive generators to solar cells and fuel cells. The net environmental impact of both of these benefits is tremendous. 

Like many technological shifts, the change that is taking place in the electrical infrastructure is happening on an individual level; it is composed of many local steps that add up, in the end, to a giant leap forward. Gaia’s MSPS core technology is stretching those steps and lengthening that leap. 


"We continue to foresee another very active Atlantic basin tropical cyclone season in 2006.  Landfall probabilities for the 2006 hurricane season are well above their long-period averages."

Philip J. Klotzbach
William M. Gray
William Thorson

  • Installs easily
  • Operates Automatically, Quietly
  • Provides hours to days of backup
  • Integrates multiple power sources
  • Emission-free
  • ETL listed to UL 1741
PowerTower for Backup
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  • Reduces electric bills
  • Installs easily in existing space
  • Fits existing and future needs
  • Provides backup power
  • Requires no operational/employee changes
  • UL listed as turn-key system
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 Power Outages Have Already Affected You

Killer hurricanes, devastating tornados, torrential rain, wicked ice storms, and blinding blizzards...
these forces of nature have taken out your
electricity sources for hours, days,
even months. 

Power outages have happened before and they will happen again. Prepare for the disaster and aftermath now. Protect yourself against both unexpected and scheduled power outages with a Gaia PowerTower™ for Backup system.

Designed for residential use as well as for small-to-medium businesses, the Gaia PowerTower for Backup is an advanced battery-based uninterruptible power system that is: 

  • compact
  • always on
  • quiet
  • reliable
  • Accepts solar out of the box
  • Pre-tested, pre-configured
  • Eliminates wiring/wall mounting of individual components
  • Accepts multiple power inputs
  • Increases system efficiency
  • Certified to UL 1741
PowerTower for Alternative Power
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Gaia's standard unit can power a 2000 sq. ft house long enough to get through 95% of all power outages. For larger houses or when longer backup time is required, the unit's modular design makes it easy to add battery or power modules, ensuring a custom backup power solution that is right for any sized home or business. In any configuration, the Gaia PowerTower for Backup is easily installed by an electrician, and requires no special mounting, wiring, or digging. 



What are the advantages of a UPS Uninterruptible Power system vs. a power generator?  Firstly, the system is noiseless.  
Even quiet generators are still noisy.  In a business situation when you need backup power, you want QUIET!

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